We design for maximum aesthetics and functionality. Waterscapes Australia creates one-of-a-kind, aquatic ecosystems in the form of streams, waterfalls, recreation ponds and ecosystem ponds.

Each system is different, and features can be combined to bring to life the water feature you’ve always dreamed of.


  • We never use concrete in our creations, just a recyclable rubber liner and real rock.
  • All rock is sourced within 100 km of our projects and from compliant sources
  • We only use energy efficient pumps, equipment and low voltage/LED lighting
  • Our ponds are low maintenance and upkeep
  • Fire
    Larger water features can be:
    – Incorporated into your fire management plan
    – A good reservoir to have on hand
  • Habitat
    – Ponds and creeks create habitats for frogs, insects, bird and animal life
    – Natural Aquaponics: Fish and edible plant production is a bonus

Pondless Systems

Pondless waterfalls and streams are simply the most brilliant feature you
can add to your outdoor living space.

If space is limited in your yard, add a stream or waterfall to your environment and enjoy the soothing sounds of running water. Soft and serene, these water features can be produced at any size, and are designed specifically for the space available.

From a bubbling brook to a dramatic drop, these water features are low maintenance, energy-efficient and attract a variety of wildlife. Child, pet and environmentally friendly, these features brings sound and movement to any area.

Pricing and sizing

Prices starting $12,000.00


Aquascape Pondless Kit, Liner, Rocks, Aquatic plants, Lights.

Pondless – DOONAN

Private Residence
Date Built2017
Build Time4 weeks
Water L2000L
Energy ConsumptionApprox 180w/hr
Price$78,000 *at time of build
FloraLebanese Cress, Blue Thalia, Pickerel, Baumea Articulata, Tropical Waterlilly
RockGympie Basalt
EquipmentAquascapes Lighting System Photocell Timer

Firestone EDPM

Aquascape Up-flow Wetland Filter

Iogen Algae Control System

Ecosystem ponds

Our ponds work with nature. We make it simple and easy to keep your new water feature looking beautiful with minimal effort.

Creating a well-balanced ecosystem reduces maintenance and supports healthy fish and plants while transforming your backyard into an incredible, all-natural, low-maintenance paradise.

Pricing and sizing

Size starting 2mx3m

Prices starting $14,000


Aquascapes Pond Kit, Liner, Rocks, Aquatic plants, Lights
*Including Waterfall Filtration

Ecosystem Pond – INDOOROOPILLY

Private Residential
Date Built2016
Build Time3 weeks, including hardscape
Length12m x 5m x 800ml Ecosystem Pond with 7m stream
Water L40,000L
Price$102,500 *at time of build
FloraTropical Waterlily, Australian Native Wetland Aquatic Plants, Brahmi, Woolly Frogmouth, Juncus Species
FaunaPacific Blue Eyes, Crimson Spotted Rainbows, Australian Silver Perch, Goldfish
RockGympie basalt
Equipment2 x 4000 Aquasurge Pumps
Aquascapes Lighting System Photocell Timer
Firestone EDPM
Aquascape Up-flow Wetland Filter
Intake Bay

Recreation Ponds

A Recreation Pond is a versatile system that can be incorporated into any landscape. Integrating the elements of an ecosystem pond, this water feature is designed for swimming.

It supports the local wildlife, can assist in cooling your home or property, and can be included into your fire safety management plan. Food can also be grown within the wetland of your system. All clarifying and purifying of the water is achieved through a natural biological filter system consisting of gravel and plants.

Pricing and sizing

Sizing starting 7m x 5m x 1.7m
Prices starting $75,000.00


Aquascapes Recreation Pond Kit, Liner, Rocks, Aquatic plants, Lights

Recreational Ecosystem Lake - SOUTH EAST QUEENSLAND

Private Residence

Date Built2019
Build Time2 months
BriefExisting dam rebuilt as a clearwater ecosystem recreation lake.
Drained, reshaped and include waterfalls and a beach. A place for summer gatherings.
2.5 m deep
Parameters30m x 35m x 2.5m
20m white beach
Wetland 120m2
Water L2 Megalitres
2 x 190 000L pumps
Price$750,000 AUD *at time of build
FloraAustralian Native Wetland Aquatic Plants, Baumea Articulada, Leperonia Articulada, Wooly Frogsmouth, Juncus Species
FaunaTandanus Tandanus, Pacific Blue Eyes, Crimson Spotted Rainbows, Firetail, Empire Gudgeons, Agasis Perchlets, Australian Silver Perch, Fresh Water Mussels, Native Freshwater Shrimp

Please note:

  • These prices are reliant on access, location and rock size availability.
  • These prices do not include travel and accommodation for away jobs.
  • We are based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.


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