We Design Beautiful Water Features

Waterscapes Australia


We Design and Build Natural Water Features

We create one-of-a-kind aquatic ecosystems in the form of streams, waterfalls, recreation and ecosystem ponds to the style you prefer in residential, commercial and municipal landscapes.

Each water feature is individually crafted to blend with your existing landscape “like it has always been there”.

Creating well-balanced ecologies reduces maintenance and supports healthy fish and plant life. You also have the added benefit of transforming your backyard into an incredible, all-natural, and low-maintenance paradise for you and those you care about to enjoy.



Changing the Way Australia Builds Natural Ponds

Waterscapes Australia has been at the frontier of natural water feature design and installation in Australia since its founding in 2008.

Based on the Sunshine Coast, Waterscapes Australia is an owner-operated business under multi-award winning designer, Patrick Handley.

With over twenty years of global experience in natural water feature design, Patrick’s forte is creating lasting, naturally inspired sanctuaries for clients and environments alike.


Ponds & Water Features That We Built

Are you Ready to See your Own
Waterscape Come to Life?
Waterscapes Australia


Pre festival visit to Lake Gkula, looking great and with happy people enjoying it during the festival set up.
I installed a commemorative object at about 1.8 meters depth . Let’s see who can find it ✌🏼

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Something unique in the works… ...

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Well placed pond lighting creates a magical ambience at night.


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When designing large ponds and lakes it is essential to plan for optimum water circulation. Here, the design for Lake Gkula details the plan to draw water from the intake bay and send it to the wetlands and circulation jets.


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Enjoying the water lilies in Lake Gkula.


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A beautiful backyard waterfall in Australia.


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During the Wookdford Folk Festival, thousands of visitors swim in Lake Gkula. We have been water quality testing regularly since the opening of the lake, and the water quality just gets better and better thanks to the design of the ecosystem and naturally filtering constructed wetlands.


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Put down the screen, pick up the fish net! Children love to play and explore in a bubbling stream.


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Focus, decompress and destress.


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A signature touch of a well designed water feature is the blended of rock and water with aquatic and terrestrial plantings.


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The simplest stream leading to a small pond can bring so much joy and relaxation into your life.


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Yes, you will have time for a quick swim as the underwater pond lighting is about to switch on!


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Sometimes, the pull on your heart is strong.. Is this calling you?


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Enjoy a cuppa by your very own water feature!


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