Waterscapes Australia designs and builds natural water features for residential, commercial and municipal landscapes.

We create one-of-a-kind aquatic ecosystems in the form of streams, waterfalls, recreation and ecosystem ponds.

Each feature is individually crafted to blend with your existing landscape “like it has always been there”.

Creating well-balanced ecologies reduces maintenance and supports healthy fish and plants while transforming your backyard into an incredible, all-natural, low-maintenance paradise.

Patrick Handley


Changing the way Australia builds ponds.

Waterscapes Australia has been at the frontier of natural water feature design and installation in Australia since its founding in 2008.

Based on the Sunshine Coast, Waterscapes Australia is an owner-operated business under multi-award winning designer, Patrick Handley.

With over twenty years of global experience in natural water feature design, his forte is creating lasting, naturally inspired sanctuaries for clients and environments alike.


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Our recreation ponds are built with a natural filtration system to keep the pond clean and clear. These biological filter systems incorporate gravel and plants to help purify and clarify the water.

These recreation ponds are chlorine-free and ideal for those who are looking for a natural alternative to a chlorinated backyard pool.

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Bolinda Vale Farm, Clarkefield, Victoria. Waterscapes recently took a trip to Bolinda Vale Farm, Clarkefield, Victoria to see the rebuild works @bells_water_gardens carried out on a property there. It was great to catch up with Toby Bell, who led the rebuild of this previously leaky lake system. The rebuild focused on preserving the landscape plantings of the original design.

For this total lake rebuild, Bells Watergardens added Aquascape up-flow wetland filtration, plus addition pumping to improve the circulation of the pond. A large solar system with battery back-up was also added to allow the lake to be run off grid.

Great work Toby and team!

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Have a section of your garden that you’re not quite sure what to do with? Imagine a magical, natural pond filling the space and providing an intriguing feature for your yard.

Ecosystem ponds are also great at providing a home or nice spot to pass by for a range of native animals and insects. Some critters you may find enjoying your ecosystem pond include birds, frogs, lizards, butterflies, and bees.

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The Australian Lungfish is an intriguing creature. Along with gills, this fish also has fully functioning lungs! These lungs can be used if the water it’s swimming in becomes low in oxygen or muddy. Its lungs can also be used when the fish is particularly active.

This fish can live a very long time, with some speculating up to 100 years. It can also amazingly live outside of the water for extended amounts of time (provided it has a little moisture or mud to lay in).

The Australian Lungfish is just one of the many wonderful creatures that call Australia home!


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The magic of lights reflecting off water is hard to beat. Stunning lighting options can be added to your Waterscapes pond design to illuminate the water at night.

Imagine taking a late-night dip in your new swim pond as warm lighting reflects upon the water, or sitting around your beautifully-lit pond and enjoying a beverage after a busy day.

The team at Waterscapes can put together a lighting design that brings out the best features of your pond.

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Waterscapes creates ponds that fit your space, and look as if they have always been there! We can incorporate native plants and natural, un-polished rocks to create an Australian oasis on your property.

From smaller ponds that you can unwind next to through to large swim ponds that can become a social hub in the summer, Waterscapes can help you create the water feature you’ve always dreamed about.

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Also known as Wilcox’s frog, the Stony Creek Frog can be found along the eastern coast of Australia. The females can reach up to 7cm in length, while the males tend to be smaller at around 4.5cm.

Like all amphibians, the Stony Creek Frog loves the water, and people living on the eastern coast may find them showing up in creeks and garden ponds on their property. If you’re looking to attract more creatures like the Stony Creek Frog to your garden, one way of doing so is by installing an ecosystem pond!

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Happy Earth Day everyone! Did you know that Waterscapes specialises in chemical-free swim ponds? These recreation ponds are ideal for those that want a more natural alternative to chlorinated swimming pools. We should all strive to make choices that help the Earth and the creatures we share this beautiful place with. Natural swimming ponds can be home to fish, native frogs, and butterflies, allowing you to reconnect with nature and enjoy the wonder of the natural world. ...

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Fish pond rebuilt in Melbourne. Finally back to. Melbourne today and a collaboration with Bells Watergardens and finalising the rebuild of Brett’s pond . ...

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Tired of maintaining a chlorine pool? Discover the beauty of fresh, clean, and natural swim ponds by Waterscapes. Our ponds utilise a natural ecosystem to maintain balance, meaning no need for chemicals!

Natural swim ponds combine natural stone, aquatic plants, fish, and beneficial bacteria to create well-balanced ecologies.

The Waterscapes team can also complete swimming pool conversions, transforming your old pool into a breathtaking natural swim pond.

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Rock stepping stones elicit feelings of hidden pathways and tranquil spaces. The team at Waterscapes can add a stone pathway to your pond to provide a fun method of immersing yourself in the beauty of your pond while easily getting from one side to the other.

Protruding rocks can also be a great spot for sun-loving water creatures who wish to soak up some rays, which can be fun for kids (and adults) to watch!

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There are many different types of flowers that can be planted in and around your pond. Whether you’re looking to bring more butterflies and birds to your backyard, provide shelter for the pond and its fish, or simply wish to brighten up the area, flowers can make a beautiful addition to your pond.

Some flowers you may wish to include in or around your pond include:

🌼 Water Lilly
🌼 Cardinal Flower
🌼 Flag Iris
🌼 Mosaic Plant

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