Waterscapes Australia designs and builds natural water features for residential, commercial and municipal landscapes.

We create one-of-a-kind aquatic ecosystems in the form of streams, waterfalls, recreation and ecosystem ponds.

Each feature is individually crafted to blend with your existing landscape “like it has always been there”.

Creating well-balanced ecologies reduces maintenance and supports healthy fish and plants while transforming your backyard into an incredible, all-natural, low-maintenance paradise.

Patrick Handley


Changing the way Australia builds ponds.

Waterscapes Australia has been at the frontier of natural water feature design and installation in Australia since its founding in 2008.

Based on the Sunshine Coast, Waterscapes Australia is an owner-operated business under multi-award winning designer, Patrick Handley.

With over twenty years of global experience in natural water feature design, Patrick’s forte is creating lasting, naturally inspired sanctuaries for clients and environments alike.


A small selection of our past projects
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Streams provide running water to a garden, creating movement and intrigue. A stream is the perfect addition to a garden that’s low on space, as these designs can be created to accommodate small areas.

Add in a selection of Australian native plants and some locally-sourced rocks and you’ve got a stunning, unique creation that’s wonderful for both humans and animals alike!

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Dream of taking a dip in your very own private freshwater pond? Make it a reality with a Waterscapes recreation pond. Each of our ponds are one-of-a-kind creations, designed with the natural landscape in mind. These well-balanced ecologies are low maintenance, and support local wildlife. ...

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Recreation ponds form a centrepiece of a garden. Not just fun for swimming in, these ponds provide a space for native animals and birds, and somewhere relax next to with a good book. Our ponds are built using recyclable EPDM rather than concrete, plus we only use energy efficient pumps and equipment. ...

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A waterfall isn’t simply running water. It’s a place for family and friends to gather beside. It’s a place for birds to drink from and cool off in during the summer. It’s a place for silent reflection.

Waterscapes Australia waterfalls are built with the existing natural landscape in mind, blending in seamlessly and accentuating the features that are already present.

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A natural water feature is a place for gathering with loved ones. For cooling off in and appreciating all the beauty that nature has to offer. When it comes to having your own garden water feature, you may like to opt for a subtle stream, or a larger recreation pond. Regardless of your choice, you’re bound to have many years of fun with your feature. ...

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There are few things more peaceful than sitting beside a trickling stream! At Waterscapes Australia, we are experts at creating magnificent streams that fit into a garden seamlessly, appearing as if they had always been there.

Our streams use a well-balanced ecology rather than chemicals, which means they’re low maintenance while also providing a space for fish, plants, and an array of native animals.

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We have built countless recreation ponds for both residential and commercial locations. These ponds are a wonderful alternative to chemical pools, providing a space for swimming, unwinding, and learning more about nature. ...

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If you bring an ecosystem pond into your garden, you may find goannas stopping by to say g’day! These large lizards come in a variety of different colours, such as shades of green, brown, grey, and black. As carnivorous creatures, they eat lots of different things, including insects, birds, smaller lizards, and eggs. Unlike many types of lizards, goannas are unable to grow back limbs or tails if they lose them.

Fun fact: goannas aren’t found natively in Tasmania.

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Want to bring a water feature into your space, but don’t have a lot of space? Think vertical with a Pondless waterfall! A Pondless waterfall can be positioned as a small centrepiece for a garden, or as an elaborate, tall feature with multiple levels.

Each of our projects are designed sustainably. We use only energy-efficient pumps and equipment in our builds, and all rocks are sourced from within 100km of the project.

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Imagine sitting atop a warm rock overlooking your swimming pond, or being curled up under a rug alongside your peaceful stream. We create water features that can be admired and enjoyed all year-round.

From having a swim in the summer to watching the lights dance off the water’s surface in the winter, Waterscapes is the home of designs that are beautiful, natural, and timeless.

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Our founder Patrick Handley was awarded Conservationist of the Year at Pondemonium this past weekend.

Speaker Ed Beaulieu The Pond Professor said the award was given as an acknowledgement for “all the incredible work that you do with re-wilding Australia"".

“You’re a natural teacher, a mentor to all the Australian CACs, and your passion for the environment is unbelievable,"" he said.

At the announcement, Patrick spoke about his upcoming plans, including creating “another Lake Gkula” and a habitat system for an endangered Australian turtle species. Great to see so many positive works going on around Australia in this field.

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Do you dream of having your own space to take a dip in for when the warmer months roll around? Cool off in your own private swimming pond, a natural alternative to chemical pools. Our recreation ponds utilise well-balanced ecologies to maintain stability, keeping the water clean and clear. These ecologies include fish and plants, and can also attract other native animals such as frogs, water birds, and butterflies. Take a swim amongst nature this summer, and for many summers to come with your own private recreation pond. ...

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Are you working from home and looking for a tranquil place to set your laptop up? Why not consider creating your own little oasis in the privacy of your backyard?

Waterscapes are the experts in creating gorgeous natural water features that can make you feel like you’re miles away from home, when you’re in your garden. We can even build water features big enough for you to swim in once you’ve finished your work for the day.

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A stream is the perfect place for reflection. Whether its reflecting on a job well-done at the end of a big week, or thinking about all the future may hold.

At Waterscapes, we use recyclable, EPDM rubber lining rather than concrete in out water feature designs, just one of the ways we incorporate sustainability into our builds.

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