About Us

We design and build rock pools and ponds, natural swimming ponds and billabongs, streams, wetlands and wetland filtration.


25 years – A leader in the field
Waterscapes Australia was founded and incorporated with the mission of bringing Australia up to speed in water garden construction.

Since its founding in 2008, Waterscapes has built and designed natural water features in every region of Australia, and was the first to introduce the Aquascape ecosystem pond to the country in 2009.



Patrick Handley, CEO
Founder and sole operator of Waterscapes Australia, Patrick designs and builds bespoke, one-of-a-kind, natural water features for home, corporate and municipal landscapes.

Patrick is a horticulturist, permaculturist and environmentalist with over twenty-five years of global experience in the natural water feature industry.

A keen innovator, Patrick was the first to bring Aquascapes technology to Australia, and has been importing it from the US since 2008. In 2014, Aquascape Australia began running autonomously, leaving Waterscapes to focus solely on water feature construction.



  • 2021 Conservationist of the Year Award

  • 2020 Aquascape Global Artist of the Year Award

  • 2020 Landscape Queensland Sustainability Award

2021 Conservationist of the Year Award


Waterscapes Australia is committed to providing our clients with quality custom-made water features.

In the continuous development of our service, we routinely engage with industry experts and producers to train, refresh and adopt updated technologies, products and methodologies.

Waterscapes Australia adheres to safety directives outlined in legislation, including Australian standards and code of practice requirements, to guarantee both safety for all parties involved and quality of delivery.

Anyone engaged to work with or on behalf of Waterscapes Australia is carefully handpicked to uphold these safety and quality standards.

“l can honestly say that Patrick has a true love for his job and made sure that I was satisfied all through the process. Patrick’s knowledge about fish, aquatic plants and their habitats is second to none and he’s genuinely interested in all things aquatic.”

Mike Busetti

Cliff Wang on behalf of Dharma Realm

In April 2020, Waterscapes Australia built the Lotus Pond at Gold Coast Dharma Realm, a major Buddhist Temple in Gold Coast. Patrick and his team handled the whole project in a very impressive professional way and completed the project exactly within the budget and time frame, despite the rain. The Pond is very well designed, carefully constructed, beautifully presented, and perfectly merged to the environment. Since then, the Pond has become a wonderful attraction and people just love it. No doubt, choosing Waterscapes is the most correct decision we have made in this project.