Water brings a landscape to life with motion and sound and, along with the many environmental benefits, truly becomes the heart of any environment.
  • We use no concrete in our creations, just a recyclable rubber liner and real rock. If for ANY reason it must be moved or added to, there is not the nightmare of concrete to deal with, no cement cracks to try and find and it looks natural. The main comment we get from our clients is that our features look like they have always been there or come straight out of nature
  • All rock is sourced within 100km of our projects and from compliant sources
  • Our ponds or pondless features recirculate the water once filled (sounds obvious but its a question we get asked all the time)
  • Water efficient
  • High quality materials that will last many years -no inbuilt redundancy. Our liner is guaranteed to last 2o years and there are examples still going strong after 30 years.
  • Low maintenance and upkeep
  • We only use the best energy efficient pumps, equipment and low voltage/led lighting
  • We understand ecology and work with plants and good design to promote good water quality naturally
  • Water harvesting is encouraged and integrated where possible from roof collection and tank overflows
  • Machinery use and impact is kept to the minimum
  • Multi use features- aesthetic, productive, natural swimming pools, water points that are placed gently in any landscape ecology
  • We have mastered extremely fast and low impact installation – even a 2.4 x 3 metre MicroPond feature with waterfall and stream takes only 2 days to complete and will have that “always been there” finish.
I think Stephen Ryan said it well. “No garden has a soul unless it has a good body of water in it.”
A properly built pond is so versatile, it can be a purely aesthetic piece that is managed and pruned as any other garden area or it can be productive with edible plants in and around its edges.


There are many environmental benefits of establishing
a pond or water garden.


  • Solar energy can be reflected to collect in thermal walls in the home to moderate the temperature of our environment
  • Low voltage and solar pumping options are available


  • A pond, whether large or small, somewhere in the garden will increase the humidity noticeably
  • Positioned right it will also cool your living area. It is remarkable just how much of an effect even a small body of water has on the immediate microclimate.
  • A stream or pondless waterfall will do the same


  • By using harvested rainwater you can reuse, reduce and recycle while you enjoy the many benefits a pond brings to both you and your environment.
  • A well designed pond or stream will only use as much water as a lawn or garden bed of the same area.
  • No green water due to algae, just a fully functioning ecosystem that relies on a balance of plants, simple biological filtration, fish and naturally occurring bacteria – its not rocket science, its the basic ecology we live with everyday.


  • Ponds and creeks create habitat’s for frogs, insects, birds and animal life
  • Natural Aquaponics – fish and edible plant production is a bonus anyway you look at it
  • A well designed pond can be used as a plunge pool on those hot summer days


  • Larger water features can provide protection from fire and a good reservoir to have on hand if needed.
  • We can mask out road noise with a simple stream or waterfall placed correctly.
  • A living pond with a good population of plants and bacteria can further purify treated grey water.
  • A pond or pondless stream with a large underground reservoir can then be used to store extra rain water. The same pump that runs the waterfall can be utilised via simple plumbing to water the garden or wash the car. Makes sense.