Wow!!! We love it!!, thank you, you guys did a great job, Darren and Liam were amazing, I am sure you are very proud of their work. It was really great how they worked in with Adam to put a piece (rocks and timber from the property) of our farm into the project too. Thank you so much for everything and we are so happy we now have our centrepiece for our front entrance. It has always been my dream to have a Waterscapes stream/pond etc., your displays are the main reason I go back to the garden show every year, and now we have one. Thank you for making the dream a reality! It looks great now, I can only imagine how extra great it will be when the plants grow up a bit more. Thank you again and hope you enjoy the photos, I will get some more in better light soon and the plants have settled in. kind regards, Maryanne and Adam